Scott Disick’s Father’s Day wish; an open relationship?

Most dads gleam at the idea of Father’s Day. A card from the kids, a new tool in the tool box and just being showered with love and admiration is enough for most deserving dads. Not for famous father Scott Disick though. Scott is the longtime partner of Kourtney Kardashian. The new mom was reported to be disgusted by her baby daddy’s Father’s Day request; an open relationship.
Really Scott? According to a source, Scott feels that if he had a pass to roam, the long-term relationship with Kourtney could be repaired and moved forward.  It appears that the 32-year-old has opened the relationship to enough drama already. In Kourtney’s reality T.V show some of the problems within the relationship began to show. The dad of three, Scott, had numerous drunken incidents that drove his baby mama Kourtney into a frenzy. He was caught falling down drunk in the Hamptons, nearly overdosing on sleeping pills and punching a mirror while the couple’s baby, Mason, was asleep in the other room. The only thing this relationship should be open to is rehab and maybe some anger management courses.

Aside from his Father’s Day foolery, the serial cheater seems to be satisfied without an open relationship. Australian magazine FAMOUS reported that Scott had been entertaining another woman in the Big Apple. Whether or not the allegations are true, things seem to have gone rotten in Kourtney and Scott’s relationship once again. Should Kourtney give Scott the green light to an open relationship?
-Mahogany Waldon
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