Taylor Swift gets Apple to make huge decision

Taylor Swift has been kicking butt and taking names this year. From her bad girl all-star line-up video to her single “Bad Blood” to making huge corporations like Apple make even bigger decisions. Taylor took to Tumblr on Sunday to voice her opinion about the company’s decision to not pay artists or labels during the first three months of their new streaming site Apple music. Being the world’s largest company, it isn’t as if they couldn’t afford to right?

Apple’s VP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue tweeted the starlet the same day putting her rage to rest, even giving her a call to let her know that the company would be changing its policies. Cue told Billboard that after he saw what Taylor had written “it really solidified that we needed a change.” Taylor explained her theory about the company not paying its artists as just “standing up for smaller artists.” Other musicians and celebs took to Taylor’s side including Christina Perri.

Taylor Swift seems to be an all-around wonder woman. The star has a plethora of generous good deeds including dedicating song proceeds to the NYC public school system, visiting fans in hospitals and now taking down major corporations. This Lois Lane of Hollywood can be a real red tornado when it comes to issues she is passionate about. It’s a good thing that this issue was remedied before any bad blood was spilled.

-Mahogany Waldon
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