The Perfect Picture?

Marvel Actress Hayley Atwell owns up to her photoshopped magazine picture like a boss. Known for her role as Agent Carter in the Marvel series, fans have always been amazed with her natural beauty. When someone tweeted a picture at Atwell saying “Why are you so beautiful?” She responded with “Why am I so photoshopped?”


This isn’t the first time! Hayley has openly expressed herself about the standard of beauty on instagram.  By posting pictures with no make up on and her hair pinned up, she is taking a stand against Hollywood’s photoshopped version of perfect. It’s always a breath of fresh air when an actress is open and honest with her self image. Her approach on this subject is what makes her flawless.


Speaking of flawless... There are celebrities who haven’t been as open about their appearance on social media. Queen Bey herself has been caught more than once with her thighs photoshopped further apart than they really are. After Instagram users looked closely at the left image, they quickly noticed that one stair was not in a straight line. Whoops!


Let’s not forget about the time her unretouched L’Oreal cosmetic campaign photos from 2013 were leaked . The images revealed Beyonce’s uneven skin tone along with a few pimples. Yes, she’s just like the rest of us.  The unedited photos only proves to her fans that nobody is perfect, and Bey is human.

When will the need for filters and elaborate editing die down? In this day and age, some of the most beautiful women still feel the need to touch up their image. When Mariah Carey released the artwork for her upcoming album, #1 to Infinity, fans were disappointed to see that the natural beauty didn’t look anything like herself. No one looks like they did 17 years ago. The 45-year-old icon should have nothing to be ashamed of.


Hollywood’s portrayal of “perfection” is not all what it’s hyped up to be. Women struggle with accepting their unique image because they are surrounded by magazines, social media, and touched up photos on the television screen. Thank God for women like Hayley Atwell, who has made a constant effort in showing us the joy in being honest with our appearance.
-Alexandria Moreland
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Unknown said...

Great article! All young ladies should take heed. It may stave off eating disorders.


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