Tina Knowles is smoldering in July’s Ebony Magazine cover

Can we clap in a circle three times for Mama Knowles slaying the July copy of Ebony Magazine? At 61, the matriarch of the House of Dereon is looking smoldering in a red hot floor length gown. The spread is a part of Ebony’s #ForeverYoung campaign.
                Tina Knowles has been the backbone of her two daughter’s Beyoncé and Solange’s success. While being the ultimate talent mom; making sure the young girls and the other members of Beyoncé’s girl group Destiny’s Child were taken care of, Tina was also a pillar of strength for women of all colors. Most of her adult life was in the limelight (due to the careers of her super talented kids) including a messy relationship and divorce with her estranged ex-husband, Matthew Knowles. Her plummet from the marriage that she fought so hard for was publicized in a 2014 Beyoncé single entitled “Ring Off.” The song tells the story of how her mother remained strong even after being cheated on.

                Not one to stay down for long, Mama Knowles was a single lady for just a brief period. Rumors began to speculate about her new love interest after she was spotted at her youngest daughter Solange’s wedding with a new man, Richard Lawson. The couple looked stunning in their all-white outfits for the all-white wedding in New Orleans in 2014. Amid the rumors, Tina and Richard were wed in April of this year on a yacht in Newport Beach, California. There is a lot to like about Tina Knowles and Richard Lawson was smart enough to put a ring on it.

                From slaying magazine covers to overcoming a messy divorce, we see where Queen Bey gets her girl power from. Tina, whose risqué spread includes a lot of curves and a lot of cleavage, told the magazine that:
“When I was asked to do Ebony Magazine cover, my first question was, Me really? I had some reservations but as I thought of all the women who tell me daily that I have inspired them to live a wholehearted life, which includes your sexuality. I am proud to be 61 years old and to not be putting limitations on my lifestyle. We can still be sexy, and vibrant, fashionable, classy and fly until the day we die!”

 Mama Knowles Ebony Magazine spread proves that the ladies of the House of Dereon can still get us bodied, no matter what age they are!
                -Mahogany Waldon
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