Trailer released for Robin Williams’ final onscreen appearance Boulevard

Robin Williams, one of the world’s most beloved comedians will make a final appearance in the new film Boulevard. The film is set to be released in theatres July 10. The film was in the works prior to the actor committing suicide last August. This one last onscreen appearance is sure to be heartfelt for the fans who loved him.

Robin, known for silly antics and even a few serious roles (he got quite petrifying during his role as the sociopath in One Hour Photo) will be playing the role of a lonely man in a failing marriage. After meeting a young hitch hiker, Robin’s character begins to turn his life around. Robin is no stranger to loneliness, he played lonely characters in the aforementioned One Hour Photo and the classic Goodwill Hunting. Loneliness also seems to be a problem that Robin struggled with off-camera as well. His death came after a long reported battle with depression.

For fans though that still hold the funny man near and dear, film critic Peter Debruge says that the film Boulevard is “one of the kindest characters Williams has ever played.” Fans have been paying tribute to the late actor since his death in the forms of artwork, montage YouTube videos, and sincere social media posts. Following his death the tweet “RIP Robin Williams” was favorited by 84,710 people according to the New York Times. This final movie will hopefully put so many of his loving fans at ease.

“But only in their dreams can men be truly free. It was always thus and always thus will be.” Robin Williams, Dead Poet Society

-Mahogany Waldon
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