UPDATE: UCLA staff want to drop charges against Diddy

The UCLA football staff thinks that it might be in the school's best interest to drop the charges against Diddy for his alleged Monday assault. TMZ reported that sources at the school, such as head coach Jim Mora, don't want there to be a criminal prosecution. The football coaches allegedly believe that it would be best if Diddy was banned from the football field instead. Diddy himself expects all assault, terrorism, and battery charges “to be dismissed.”

The 45 year-old rapper and businessman was arrested Monday on UCLA's campus after an alleged confrontation with Sal Alosi, his son’s strength and conditioning coach. A video of the altercation is said to exist, but it has yet to be released. Diddy and his representatives claim that the rapper was only acting in self defense in the following statement: "The various accounts of the event and charges that are being reported are wholly inaccurate. What we can say now is that any actions taken by Mr. Combs were solely defensive in nature to protect himself and his son. We are confident that once the true facts are revealed, the case will be dismissed.” Justin Combs posted the following picture of his father on Instagram to thank him for coming to his aid. Diddy later reposted the image with caption #FAMILYFIRST

Diddy paid the $50,000 bail in full and was released on Monday night. He is set to attend court for the charges on July 13th at 8:30am.

-Matre' Grant 
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