What Hides Inside

Vanity Fair 

Former track and field star William Bruce Jenner known for winning gold at the 1976 Olympics has turned in the sneakers for a pair of stilettos and has transformed from guy to gal.

Having a love for female fashion it would seem that this 65 year old has always known that there was a woman inside longing to come out. Her ex wife Kris Jenner’s only inclination to Bruce Jenner’s identity was an unusual suitcase that would appear around the house occasionally. Kris claims that Jenner mistreated her during their 20 plus years years of marriage, perhaps this was his pent up resentment for his inability to be the woman of the house.

Will Caitlyn Jenner now get another chance to pose for playboy magazine? Who knows but she is set to host her own reality show. Success is in the making for Caitlyn as her twitter account blew up with over a million tweeters within hours of going live. She made the statement that it has been a struggle but it’s great to be herself.

Its all about timing and Vanity fair could not have timed it better with June being the start of pride month Caitlyn Jenner is exposing deep seated issues and opening up the world of transgender awareness. Frank Malony along with others, has shocked the boxing world and is next in line to Jenner.

Will there be fall out or will this new movement in transgender culture help and give others the courage to bring out the inner man or woman that hides inside?

-Natasha John-Baptiste
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