Where boys remain boys

It is the gift of all gifts and Kanye West wants it for his wife. With the announcement of the new baby, the Wests could be moving, North to the Neverland ranch.
Kanye may never have to grow up.  

Kanye has shown interest in the property estimated at $100 Million.
He has visited it on more than one occasion and as the family are growing maybe this will be the right place for them.

As always West has to make a song and dance about the cost, and is eager to get it at a fairer price. Lets anticipate that the estate agents have mercy on him.

Neverland no longer boasts the fun fair and zoo and most of MJ’s memory no longer remains there, but workers on the ranch claim that the King of pop’s presence haunts the residence that he once loved so much.

Lets hope the West’s aren’t afraid of ghosts and who knows maybe Kanye can get some inspiration from the place where boys never grow up.  

-Natasha John-Baptiste
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