Will and Jada Pinkett Smith Intruder Charged

Intruder Ariel Archer, 26, was charged with a misdemeanor count of trespassing for refusing to leave Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s property on Monday.

Neither admitting to nor denying the charges, Archer was given three years probation and a restraining order prohibiting her to go within 150 yards of the Smith’s home. This order applies to her staying away from the actor and actresses family.

Found in the Kitchen at the family’s home back in March by the housekeeper, the Smiths were not home at the time. Ariel could face further charges and spend up to 6-months in the County jail with a $1000 fine. Officials are still looking into the case

Lets hope all is forgiven and the family have nothing on their minds now, when it comes to them being safe in their own home.
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