Your name is my name

It is normally customary for a woman to take on her husband’s name at the alter, but not in the case of Zoe Saldana and her husband Marco.

In a turn of events Marco has decided to take his wife’s name, yet again not the normal rule of thumb as in his Latin community as it suggests a compromises to a mans manhood.

Although Saldana tried to dissuade her husband not to take this stance, he made it known to her that he did not give a S@&? about what people think.

The couple know that they are made for each other and Zoe took to social media to defend her husband and made it known that a mans legacy will live on regardless.

The new mother of twins and actress stated “a woman has never been asked to give up their names, that does not make the news”

Others who have adopted to merge or take on their wives names are Jay Z and  John Lennon, Lennon stated  “ one for both, both for each other. Get over it the Salanda’s have spoken.

- Natasha John-Baptiste
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