Zendaya to the Rescue

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Zendaya? Disney star Zendaya Coleman, 18, has a growing list of accolades. The young star plays a spy on Disney’s K.C. Undercover, she just graduated high school and now she’s a real life heroine? Coming to the defense of a YouTube makeup guru who was slammed on Twitter Thursday, Zendaya didn’t seem to mind standing up for her fellow lady.
Zendaya took her crime fighting to the world of social media trolls when YouTube makeup artist Shannon C posted a picture that received some nasty comments from another user. The picture, a split before and after photo of Shannon C with and without makeup caused Twitter user @Manstagram_ to post these remarks:
“This is why our first date is running a mile around the track to see if you sweat the makeup off.”
Zendaya, who is a veteran of the “clap back” (just recall her response to Guiliana Rancic for making rude comments about her dreadlock hairdo in February, ouch) defended Shannon C in straight superwoman style! For Zendaya, one of her most noted superpowers is not taking crap from people who talk crap, this was her response:
“@Manstagram_ that awkward moment when this tweet is irrelevant cause she’s slaying both ways #wannaborrowmyglasses.”
The millennial starlet, who was originally supposed to play the leading role in Lifetime’s portrayal of the songstress Aaliyah last year, but refused after backlash from fans of the late singer, has had a lot on her plate this past year. From acting in and co-producing her own Disney show, becoming the face of X out acne products, and the it-girl for Madonna’s Material Girl clothing campaign, young Zendaya does it all. This sucka’ for cornrows and manicured toes, dreadlock sporting shero is a force to reckon with! The recent high school graduate (graduating alongside Olympian Gabby Douglas) shows that she has brains, beauty, and brawn! In this new age of feminism, Zendaya appears to be the next leading lady ready to stand up and fight the powers that be!
-Mahogany Waldon

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