2015 Forbes List top 100 revealed

The Forbes list is the top of the totem pole for millionaire gurus and financially set celebs. Forbes has been doing its top 100 highest paid celeb list since 1999. Individuals on this year’s list are some of the world’s hardest working and talked about stars. We’ve got a run-down of who made the list and honey, we were shocked to see who made the top 10.

This year’s list was solely based on earnings of over $28 million dollars. Robert Downey Jr. and Taylor Swift were tied in 8th place both with earnings of $80 million dollars most of which T. Swizzle made off her 1989 album. We seem to have caught some shade from Forbes, Taylor’s nemesis, Katy Perry outdid the “Bad Blood” singer coming in 3rd place with $135 million. Hey the numbers speak for themselves. Others in the top 10 included Garth Brooks, Howard Stern and One Direction.

After this year’s heavily reported Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight, Manny Pacquiao came in second place with $160 million dollars. Who other to take the number one spot than Floyd “money” Mayweather? His earnings grossed $300 million dollars this year. Hopefully he’ll take a small amount and invest in a tutor (sorry, 50 cent started it!) All in All every celeb on the list has rightfully earned their rankings, let’s see how they hold up for the remainder of the year.

-Mahogany Waldon
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