Andy Cohen goes in on Cornrowgate


The Amandla and Kylie controversy continues. This time, other celebrities are putting their two cents on the situation. To refresh your memory, Amandla recently called out Kylie on black appropriation for rocking cornrows on Instagram. This stirred up a lot of talk about other cultures enjoying the black “look” without taking the time to understand the black culture. While many of us were able to understand where Amandla was coming from with her reaction, Andy Cohen took a different approach. The Watch What Happens Live host had some pretty harsh words for the Hunger Games star. By calling her the “jackhole of the day,” Cohen was accusing Amandla of just trying to share the spotlight with Kylie by starting a feud. Rude or Right?


Based on the social media uproar after the show, Andy Cohen’s comment was totally rude! Twitter users called him out on being the real “jackhole” by using the hashtag #BoycottBravo. One account, @colorofchange tweeted, “Andy didn’t get the cultural context of Amandla’s words because he + BravoTV don’t care. It’s time they clean up their act.” Other users came to Amandla’s defense by calling him disrespectful and ignorant towards the bigger picture. As a result, Andy Cohen made an apology via Twitter by stating, “I didn’t understand the larger context of this cultural discussion and TRULY meant no disrespect to her or anyone else.”

Whether or not Andy Cohen learned his lesson, Amandla Stenberg will continue doing what she does best: be outspoken and fearless. The topic of black appropriation is often overlooked, and she has definitely opened our eyes. It is good to see a young role model standing her ground and speaking up about such a powerful subject. Keep it up, Amandla!

-Alexandria Moreland
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