Ariana Grande is back to being sweet with a new fragrance


After her donut shop stunt, singer Ariana Grande posted an Instagram video of a bottle of what appears to be her newest fragrance. This is her first fragrance from her line Ari by Ariana. The 22-year old recently landed in a stinky situation after visited a coffee shop but no criminal charges were brought upon her.
                So we all remember when sweetheart singer, Ariana Grande made the whole world mad by licking donuts at a donut shop that she didn’t buy, then going on a “I hate America” rant. Well after revealing to the world just how much of a diva (and a brat) she can be, the new fragrance is definitely a way to clean up her newfound bad girl image.

 In the land of pop divas, having a fragrance line seems to be the new “big thing.” Pop singer, Katy Perry has just released her fourth fragrance and was rocking purple hair during a fragrance promotion. Rihanna, everyone’s favorite “good-girl-gone-bad,” has also released her seventh fragrance “Ri Ri” this month.

                If Ariana wants to roll with this legion of High School Hellcats and make a name for herself as a bad girl, she’s definitely on the right path. In the video, a voice-over says that Ariana’s new fragrance smells like “a dream.” Well we wish Ariana the best with her new fragrance and hopefully her days of acting like a nightmare are over.

-Mahogany Waldon
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