Ariana Grande's Pouty Pair May Be Her Best Mistake

We knew that Ariana Grande swapping spit with her backup dancer and licking donuts on display was nasty, and now the police and the Environmental Health Dept. think so too.


A video released by TMZ Tuesday shows the 22 year-old Nickelodeon alumna kissing her rumored boyfriend (backup dancer Ricky Alvarez) in California's Wolfee Dontus. In the video, the two dare each other to lick doughnuts that will later be purchased by unsuspecting customers. They also spit on the doughnut trays. Nasty! Ariana Grande can be heard dropping the f-bomb and saying “I hate America,” when a fresh batch of doughnuts come out.
The Environmental Health Dept. is saying that the doughnuts being on public display was breaking state food laws, but the store responded that they don't usually do that. In the video you can see that the trays get removed fairly quickly from the counter.

Although Grande herself isn’t been investigated, her mouth has been getting her into trouble lately. Before the doughnut situation, which she has since apologized for, the “Love Me Harder” singer had her wisdom teeth removed. She posted swollen-mouthed selfies on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat earlier this week, but she later deleted them.

Grande won't be participating in MLB All-Star game because of this “emergency oral surgery” so we guess that's one less problem for her to worry about.

-Matré Grant
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