Beauty blogger battles body shamers in new video

Talk about alliteration! Em Ford, a beauty blogger has taken to the web to battle body shamers in a new video entitled “You Look Disgusting.” The video chronicles the mean comments Ford has endured during her battle with adult acne.

The video began when the blogger left a before-and-after makeup pic on Instagram. The picture received over 100,000 comments about her appearance. Some users said “I can’t even look at her.” Others said “you look so ugly.” As the almost two minute video, produced by the BBC begins, Em Ford sits on a stool as some of the hurtful words social media users have said appear on the screen. Ford explains that “when you don’t wear makeup, you’re seen as ugly and when you do you’re told you’re fake.” She also said she wants to teach people that perfection isn’t real. By telling her story of how acne has paralyzed her life, she encourages others who struggle with the skin condition.

The hashtag #youlookdisgusting has millions of people taking to the internet showing off their makeup before-and-after pics. The video has been viewed over seven million times and has been a tribute to all the people who feel self-conscious about their skin. Kudos to Em Ford for showing the world beauty is more than skin deep.

-Mahogany Waldon
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