Burglar hides under bed to charge phones

The struggle was real for robber, Jason Hubbard. How does one rob someone's electricity? Ask Jason, the New Jersey man hid under a spare bed in a home he broke into. It was three days before the homeowner knew of the man’s hiding place.
                New Jersey police said that the crime, which was a burglary occurred in May, but wasn’t made public until now. As if the story doesn’t make you want to say “what the” by now, Hubbard wasn’t charged with breaking and entering. His burglary charge was for stealing electricity.
                This Energizer Bunny burglar charged his four cellphones in an outlet beneath the bed he was hiding under. Hubbard is in jail on $50,000 bail. Aren’t there public facilities in New Jersey where people can charge their phones? We hope he got a chance to check out TMB while he was hiding!

-Mahogany Waldon 
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