Coco Austin and Ice-T are preggers!

One of Hollywood’s oddest couples, model CoCo Austin and rapper Ice-T are expecting their first child together. The two have been married for ages and seem to have a lasting love despite both of their outrageous antics. Ice-T is going to be a dad again at 57.

When people say opposites attract, I’m sure they had Ice-T and CoCo in mind. Ice-T came on the scene in the late 80s as a gangsta rapper from South Central L.A. Overtime, he has cleaned up his career and has gone from rapping about the cops to playing one on T.V. Ice-T transformed his career from a rapper to an actor and has done rather well in the process. CoCo is famous for her appealing augmentations and raunchy modeling career (cough cough adult entertainment.) From their hit T.V. show on E! Ice loves CoCo to their own talk show, the two seem very genuine and humorous about their love.

The two now host a talk show called Ice & CoCo and that’s where they revealed their pregnancy news on Monday July 27. Mommy-to-be CoCo has been vocal on both shows, even shedding tears in 2012 about her inability to carry a baby to term. Although they both have kids from a previous marriage, this is numero uno for the couple of 14 years. What happens when you mix Ice-T with a little CoCo? You get something sweet!
-Mahogany Waldon
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