Deadly Attack in Turkey Leaves Dozens Dead

Dozens are dead after an explosion struck a cultural center in Suruc, Southeastern Turkey. Investigators say that the terrorist attack targeted about 300 members of the Socialist Youth Associations Federation, a group planning to rebuild Kobani, 6 miles away from Suruc. Turkish officials have already found evidence that say this was a suicide attack by the Islamic State (ISIS,) and could be in retaliation of the Turkish efforts to fight terrorism.

Ambulances and private cars rushed to the scene where the explosion took place. Witnesses say that they saw over 20 bodies dead, and over 50 people wounded. This is the second attack within a month that took place in Turkey. Last time, over 200 people were killed after the Islamic State launched a series of surprise attacks. The connection between these deadly attacks are under further investigation.

Condolences are going out to the victims of the deadly explosion. The Twitter hashtag #SuractaKatliamVar, which means “there is a massacre in Surrac,” is trending worldwide. Notable figures are also paying their respects to the Turkish community. In a telegram, Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed an important message: the international community requires active coordination in the war against terrorism.

-Alexandria Moreland
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