Deflategate Update: Brady’s suspension upheld

Tom Brady, the Richard Nixon of pro football, thought he could skate away from the deflategate scandal with no blood, or air on his hands. Well he was wrong. The NFL upheld his suspension.

The scandal just gets worse as more and more evidence is pointing to a guilty Brady. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said new information about the destruction of Brady’s phone shows that he was trying to hide evidence of his wrongdoings despite an appeal from Brady. Brady is as shady as a break-in during the Democratic National Convention around 1972! We won’t judge baby Nixon though.

The mess occurred this year when the New England Patriots were accused of deflating the footballs used in this year’s SuperBowl (that the Patriots won.) Most of the fingers began pointing in Brady’s direction despite his claims of innocence. He was punished with a four-game suspension and some fines, but obviously he doesn’t think it’s fair. Do you think the punishment is fair?
-Mahogany Waldon
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