Katy Perry Shows “Bad Blood” With Taylor Swift, Weighs In on Nicki Minaj Feud

Many pop music fans think that Katy Perry is the queen of racist cultural appropriation, so things got interesting on Twitter when the “Roar” singer leaped to Nicki Minaj's defense.

To recap:

After the MTV VMA nominations were released, Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to highlight the issues black singers face during the award show nomination process.

Enter Taylor Swift:

Enter Katy Perry? Instead of using the moment to discuss racism, Katy Perry also decided to make things about herself, throwing a little shade at Taylor with this tweet (which Nicki favorited):

If you #can't with that 140 characters of weird grammar, here's an explanation: Katy Perry is basically saying that she finds it ironic that Taylor used the “don't pit women against other women” argument when Swift herself has capitalized off of her feud with Perry and others.

Katy Perry then proceeded to point out that Rihanna also missed out on a well-deserved nomination:

So what did we learn?

Although many news outlets were initially unkind about the Nicki Minaj controversy, others such as Time, Vibe Magazine, and TV Guide have all come to her defense.

What else did we learn? Well, Katy Perry perhaps needs to learn the definition of travesty.

-Matré Grant
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