President Obama and Jon Stewart's last laugh


   America, how many times did President Barack Obama prove to us that he was the coolest President ever? From making more entertainment television show appearances than any other president, making history by doing things that other sitting presidents have never done and just being an awesome guy (plus he’s down with OPP!) As President Obama’s administration winds down, he’s still showing us how cool he can be!

                On Tuesday night, Obama decided to pay his final visit to the Daily Show as we know it. Someone else who is on his way out is Jon Stewart, the current host of the show will soon be leaving his role. The two got nostalgic as they reminisced on each other’s legacy. Jon Stewart has a “political correctness” sense of humor that fans have grown to love over the years for his direct and comedic delivery on various news events. Stewart announced in February that he would be leaving the show. Meanwhile, comedian Trevor Noah has been named his successor.

                It’s not every day that you see the President stop by Comedy Central but Jon Stewart was the man for the job. The two joked about politics, Donald Trump and both of their new chapters in life. Taking on a serious note, Obama even made mention that he is confident the works he promised when he came became President will soon be fulfilled. The dynamic duo of politics and comedy won’t be quite the same without President Barack Obama and Jon Stewart.

-Mahogany Waldon
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