Regis Philbin to Join “The Today Show”

Reunited and it feels so good! Regis Philbin, longtime day-time T.V. host, announced July 9 that he will be joining Kathie Lee and Hoda as a co-contributor on the Todays’ Show. Kathie Lee and Regis have a long standing co-worker relationship, the two hosted Live, a talk show on NBC for over 12 years together. The 83-year-old retired from showbiz in 2011 after hosting Live with Kelly Rippa for nearly 10 years, his comeback is good news to stay-at-home moms across the country! Not to mention his funny antics and cooler than cool ways have been a staple in day-time television.
Regis Philbin has been the host of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, America’s Got Talent, and countless other shows. Regis first gained national recognition as a co-host on the Joey Bishop show in 1967 and from there he has become a household name. in 2004, he set a Guiness World Record for most time in front of a camera. Obviously, we didn’t need a world record to know that the star had lasting power!
Regis’s retirement from T.V. was short lived. While Kelly Rippa now hosts Live with Michael Strayhan, Regis should feel right at home with his old pal Kathie Lee on the Today’s Show. What better way to welcome back an old friend than with red wine? That’s exactly the welcome party Regis received from Kathie Lee! Day-time T.V. lovers can get ready to let the good times roll.
-Mahogany Waldon

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