Subway; He's Fresh!

We’ll be taking our food to go because things have gotten messy for Subway’s Jared Fogle! This week the Subway spokesman’s house was raided under a police investigation for child pornography. The man who said he lost over 200 pounds eating Subway may be eating prison food if found guilty.
The raid came in the light of more than two months after the director of the Jared Foundation, an organization for children to combat obesity was arrested for the same charge. Authorities seized electronics from Jared’s mansion. A source close to Jared says that he is cooperating with police and looks forward to the end of this ordeal.

On Tuesday, Subway ended its 15-year-long relationship with Jared. A spokesperson for Subway told CNN that the company is very concerned and will be monitoring the situation closely. The director of the Jared Foundation was charged with over seven charges involving child pornography.
-Mahogany Waldon
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