Whoopi Goldberg Flip Flops About Cosby


After speaking with a legal analyst on The View, Whoopi Goldberg finally changed her opinion about Bill Cosby. Even up to a week ago, the 59-year-old comedian was saying “innocent until proven guilty” when it came to the sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby. But after discussing the matter with ABC News legal analyst Daniel Abrams, Goldberg has noticeably changed her tune.

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On Tuesday's episode of The View, Daniel Abrams explained to her the unlikelihood of the case ever reaching a court other than the “court of public opinion” due to the statute of limitations found in most states. Although Abrams says, “it is impossible to ignore the consistency of these stories,” too much time has passed for them to be tried. He also pointed out that Cosby is remaining silent because anything he says can be held against him if he does go to court.

Goldberg noted that “all of the information that's out there kind of points to [Cosby's] guilt” and that she “can't say any more innocent until proven guilty” because the opportunity will probably never arise for Cosby to be proven guilty in the eyes of the law. “We are the only proof that folks have. We're the only backup they have,” said Goldberg referencing the sexual assault victims who haven't been given their due attention in the media.

Perhaps the time for the victims to be heard will come soon.

-Matré Grant
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