Brown’s vs. Houston’s: Drama at Bobbi Kristina’s funeral

What has become a real life family feud has left Leolah Brown, aunt of the late Bobbi Kristina, furious. It was confirmed over the weekend that Leolah was kicked out of Bobbi Kristina’s funeral after she made a few outbursts in regards to Bobbi Kristina’s other aunt, Pat Houston. What should have been a day to celebrate life turned into a disaster for both families.

Apparently Leolah isn’t too fond of Pat Houston. It is rumored that Leolah feels that Pat is up to no good with her charity foundation and Leolah believes that Pat is in it for the money. Brown promised that “it’s not over” in response to her feud with Pat. Another piece from the funeral is that Bobbi Kristina’s significant other, Nick Gordon, was not in attendance. This is no surprise, the family made it clear that he was not welcome when Bobbi Kristina was first hospitalized.

The story got even worse over the weekend when Bobby Brown’s new wife suffered a seizure shortly after the funeral. Alicia Etheredge was rushed to the hospital on Saturday after her seizure. Her current state is unknown but she just gave birth less than two weeks ago. We’re hoping the two families can work out their differences for the sake of Bobbi and Whitney’s legacy.

-Mahogany Waldon
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