Kelly Rippa and Husband get footloose

I’m positive the words to the theme song are “kick off your Sunday shoes,” not “Kick them off and settle for a hospital boot,” unless of course you’re part of the Rippa-Consuelos household. Kelly Rippa and husband Mark Consuelos are now both footloose after suffering injuries that left them both in a supportive boot.
Kelly traded in her boogie shoes last month for crutches and a boot after breaking her foot in four places in a dance-workout class. Kelly joked on her show Live! with co-host Michael Strayhan about how her husband, Mark, loved to see her suffer. Kelly announced via a pic on social media Thursday that Mark had ripped his calf muscle, landing him in the same boat as his wife.
Mark seems to have gotten a taste of karma for being so cruel to Kelly. Hopefully Kelly has some good advice for Mark on coping with his injury. “Don’t dance, no rock’n’roll” sorry, Footloose humor!
-Mahogany Waldon
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