Lamar Surprises Khloe With An Unexpected Visit


Khloe Kardashian was in for a surprise after her Wednesday morning workout at SoulCycle in Beverly Hls. According to TMZ, her ex, Lamar Odom, popped up on Khloe, demanding to talk with her. Witnesses say that Khloe had no idea how he learned her location, and Lamar began to raise his voice. That escalated quickly!


Lamar’s surprise visit took place less than a month after their divorce was finalized. Even though their relationship has reached its breaking point, Khloe shared in a recent interview with Women’s Health magazine that there’s a special place in her heart for Lamar. She also stated that maybe he didn’t have the energy to fight for their love because he was too busy fighting so many other things. But this hasn’t stopped KoKo from living her life.  She looks absolutely stunning on the cover of Women’s Health.


As for Lamar, it seems like he’s having a tough time letting go of his past with Khloe. When asked about his ex back in May, he shared that he believed he could win her back. His chances are looking pretty slim. Khloe is reportedly dating NBA star James Harden. Sources from Complex magazine say that she’s just trying to let her hair down and not worry about things. Hopefully she doesn’t have to worry about another intense run-in with her ex!

-Alexandria Moreland
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