Naomi Campbell gets six month sentence for paparazzi attack

Supermodel, Naomi Campbell, famous for her catwalk, has become the queen of the cat fight. Campbell was sentenced to a six month suspended jail sentence for assaulting an Italian photographer. Campbell allegedly hit the photographer with her handbag in 2009 to avoid being photographed.

Bad girl Naomi has been known in the past to get a little violent. She was also accused of attacking a manicurist with a phone in the past and engaging in a few backstage brawls with her fellow supermodels. She’s also feuded with various celebrities including Tyra Banks. The sentence seems to be just what the doctor prescribed for the 45-year-old. Something needs to cool her hot head.

Despite her days of throwing bows, Naomi seems to have turned a new leaf in life. Her acting career has taken off to new heights, she has starred in the hit TV show empire and is said to be making an American Horror Story appearance. Naomi’s lawyers are in the process of appealing the sentence in Italy. The judge better be careful, Naomi Campbell is a real life horror story when crossed!

-Mahogany Waldon
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