Wendy Williams takes a tumble

Celebrity T.V. host Wendy Williams took a nasty tumble off the stage at a comedy tour in Houston over the weekend. The tour was entitled “the Sit Down Tour” and from the looks of it, Wendy needed to take several seats.

Known for being outspoken, the veteran gossip guru threw in some jokes after her fall. The 51-year-old who always talks about her height and girth had a long way down, she didn’t realize the step on the stage was larger than she thought. Staying devoted to her diva ways, Mrs. Williams was helped up from the floor and did a couple of hair flips to let the audience know she was O.K.

Wendy, who takes constant jabs at other celebs seemed to be all the buzz over the weekend. Many are saying she got exactly what she deserved for always stirring up celebrity gossip. Despite how others feel we truly hope Wendy was O.K. after her fall, we need the tea Wendy! How you doin’?

-Mahogany Waldon
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