Winona Ryder Confirms ‘Beetlejuice 2’ Is Happening

Winona Ryder visited Late Night With Seth Meyers, and had some pretty exciting news. When interviewed about a sequel to the hit movie, Beetlejuice, she responded with, “I think I can confirm it.” Ryder also stated that the decision was very top secret until Tim Burton, the mastermind behind it all, confirmed in an on camera interview that there will be a second movie.


The highly anticipated sequel has yet to be made official by Warner Bros. But Burton has stated in another interview that Beetlejuice 2 is closer than ever. The star of the movie, Michael Keaton, will definitely be included, according to Burton. Ever since the first one, Winona Ryder stated that she cannot go anywhere without someone asking her to say “Beetlejuice.” She also shared with Seth that she will no longer say the word more than three times; The movie will finally be on the screen again, and doesn’t want to risk anything! With that being said, we will keep our ears open for more valuable information about the new movie. We are all looking forward to watching another Beetlejuice.

-Alexandria Moreland
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