DeflateGate Deflated.

Tom Brady's balls make headlines again as the Deflategate scandal has hopefully come to a finite end. Thursday, a judge decided to nullify the case after the NFL’S investigation including twisted words, messes that were never cleaned up, and questionable evidence. About time, right? Seven months and MILLIONS of dollars later and it took someone completely independent of this case to say what most already knew.

This all began is January 2015 during he AFC championship between the Patriots and Colts. Randomly, officials were "tipped" **side eye** that the balls seemed under inflated. So who's to blame? Ted Wells, the investigator, offered a pretty purposeless report with no solid evidence that Brady even played a role in the scandal but for whatever reason, the NFL used to the report as leverage to suspend the player for four games.

So here we are: Tom Brady will be featured in the season opener September 10 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Brady's off the hook and won't be missing any games. Now onto the next NFL scandal!

Aaliyah Brielle Copeland
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