Empire Crushes Competition

The second season of Fox’s television drama series Empire premiered on September 23, 2015. The show opened with 16.2 million total viewers and a 6.7 rating, which is 81 percent more than last year’s premier. 

While the premier was slightly under the show’s all-time high rating, Empire marked Fox’s highest-rated season premier for a scripted show in six years. 

Empire isn’t a show that is stuck in reality, but the premiere episode was more wild than usual. In the episode there was subliminal messages, a high-tech jail, a gorilla suit, lots of cameos, and betrayal. In the first 10 minutes, Rev. Al Sharpton, Andre Leon Talley, and Don Lemon showed their faces. 

Chris Rock had a part in the premier as a thug and cannibal, who was behind the suspicious rose that was left on Cookie’s doorstep in season one. Speaking of Cookie, she took a shot at “Powers” writer and producer, 50 cent, by calling him “thirsty”.

This season will be filled with many plot twists, backstabbing, and drama taken to another level. The show airs every Wednesday on Fox at 9 pm. 
-Nigel Powell
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