Well the Pop Pope is in the States! Pope Francis has officially landed on U.S soil and world- not just Catholics- but the WORLD is in a frenzy! 

An all around good guy, he's captured the hearts of non-Catholics from his acts of pure goodness. He openly embraced a severely disfigured man, washed the feet of young people in detention facilities, made several strong statements on the environment and has publicly forgiven those who've had abortions.
The Pope is adored amongst Americans and he is very well branded as the Pope of all Popes! He's brand is largely based off of the fact that he has encouraged people of different faiths to find common ground. 
A religious figure bringing people together? 

That's unheard of in the 21st century! Hopefully this trip goes off without a hitch! Welcome Pope Francis and all his Fran-natics! 
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