Has Contouring run its Course?

 The make up craze, contouring, might be taking a back seat to a new make up trend...strobing. No, this can't be! But it's true ladies. Made popular by Kim K, strobing is a new technique that focuses on layering with highlighters to bring attention to the jawline.

   Beauty gurus all over the world have noted the growth in high definition products used to "strobe" correctly. The technique seems to be easier than contouring and not only that, but strobing is perfect for capturing a winning selfie!

  Beauty bloggers have taken to their blogs and social media pages to sing strobing's praises! Easy and quick are a few of the adjectives used to describe the technique and that's more than enough to attract new users. So watch out for this trend! And just when we were getting the hang of contouring...

-Jirah Cosey
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