Hasta La Vista Trump!

Don't call it...it is a come back!
NBC has replaced Donald Trump with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the host of Celebrity Apprentice. The movie star turned politician has been announced as the new boss of the boardroom in the upcoming season. Fall 2016 will be the earliest the show will debut. 

Schwarzengger made an appearance on The Apprentice back in 2007 during his tenure as governor but as he retired from politics, its looking like he's trying to get back into the acting business. He's popped up in “The Expendables” as well as “Terminator Genisys.” Does "I'll be back," began with showing up on the small screen?

It's not surprising that Trump was replaced after his remarks about Mexican immigrants. This spurred a whirlwind of legal action by Trump and the mogul and NBC settled their disputes on Friday. Finally, putting that behind, both parties could move forward with the Schwarzenegger announcement Monday

It's anticipated that this former California governor will bring a different swag and style to the show. Possibly even a new audience. Be on the lookout for Celebrity Apprentice: Terminator style! Hasta la vista, baby! 
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