James Blake is Served an Apology


James Blake, former tennis star, has FINALLY been issued a formal apology from NYPD Commish, Bill Bratton after the star was roughed up and tackled by police outside his Manhattan hotel.  Blake was waiting for car service on his way to the US open across town when plain clothed cops charged towards him thinking Blake was an id theft suspect.
In the midst of recent police brutality cases, Blake, who is African American has surprisingly strayed away from pulling the race card. Shocking, isn’t it? Oddly enough his issue was with the amount of force used against him instead of racial profiling, “I was standing there doing nothing, not running, not resisting, in fact smiling,” Blake explained.

The cops involved are on modified duty during the investigation. Bratton is working with officials to find the actual culprit involved the case.   

-Jirah Cosey

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