Kylie Jenner Gives Fans a Peek!

Kylie is granting fans private access to her kingdom. As if having the most views on SnapChat wasn’t enough, the star has created a website and app that encompasses ALL THINGS Kylie! Similar to her SnapCHat videos, the app contains clips of her behind the scenes, but there’s also pages showcasing her house, radio snippets, and makeup tips. – Fans are probably dying to see how she gets the “natural” plump in her lips.
Kylie gave her fans more to rave about when she appeared in the Yeezy fashion show Wednesday- instead of her super model sister Kendall! Kylie was hidden, in the midst of other models, while Kendall watched from the second row… yeah you heard right. Come on, even little Nori got a front row seat. Hopefully the model arrangement didn’t cause any tiffs at home but from the looks of it Kendall was more than happy to cheer on her sister.
Tyga has made more appearances into Kylie’s life as well… let’s just say we’ve seen the rapper and Kylie in a more intimate setting. Like usual, Kylie’s SnapChat videos are the talk of the town, but a recent clip of her and Tyga in bed have the fans talking. In the video, Kylie’s lying down with a freshly applied face mask and Tyga is asking her why she sleeps with the mask in the background. Don’t worry, Tyga got some camera time after he asked that question. The rapper then proceeds to take off the mask, per Kylie’s request, and the clip is over. Of course the clip didn’t show everything the couple did that night, but it was more than enough to get the fans talking.
Kylie’s recent media choices has made her the talk of the town. From secret runway appearances to risqué videos with her beau, Kylie is making her presence known in the entertainment world. As for her new website launch… Genius! Anyone who disapproves with her new web domain, may be a tad bit upset they didn’t think of it first.

-Jirah Cosey
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