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To celebrate Tidal’s accomplishment of reaching 1-million subscribers, Hov is putting together an all star concert with Bey, J and Prince. TIDAL X: 1020 Amplified HTC will come to Brooklyn on October 20th.

Tidal’s milestone was announced in a tweet Jay Z sent out Monday (who RARELY takes to twitter).  This is a big deal considering the fact that when Tidal was released the general public was somewhat displeased with the higher pricing of the services, even though artists would release exclusive materials on it and also top-notch sound quality.

However if we pay more attention to the details, the number of 1 million subscribers actually includes the near 400,000 that were already members of Aspiro when Jay Z absorbed that company and turned it into his streaming service. Also in comparison to Spotify and Apple Music, Tidal still is not quite on their level yet. The subscriber base of Spotify is about around 20 million and Apply Music is around 11 million. So despite the hype it still looks like Tidal has got some more work to do as far as getting more people on board with uses the services.

-Kayla Brown

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