Drake the new Carlton Banks? But can I have the jacket tho!

Canadian rap star, Drake, released the music video for Hotline Bling on Monday night. The buzz around the music video caused sales of the Moncler jacket her sported to skyrocket and then there was Drake’s dance moves. 

His quirky and somewhat off beat dance moves caught the attention of his audience. And it only took minutes, literally minutes, before fans took to twitter mocking the star’s “two step”.

He starts off in a room swaying softly to his song until the beat kicks in. When the beat dropped, Drake got lost in the music. Some twitter users coined him as the modern day Carlton Banks and we all know Carlton for his outdated dance moves. The tweets kept coming and before the social media world knew it, Drake was on every meme, vine, or instagram post.
  The memes are quite hilarious but is Drake concerned? Absolutely not. All jokes aside, Hotline Bling is still on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart. So go ahead Drake, dance like no one’s watching.
-Jirah Cosey

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