Charlie admits he is HIV positive

Charlie Sheen with his doctor.
After weeks of speculation, Charlie Sheen is confirming that he is HIV positive. On the Today Show Tuesday, Sheen told Matt Lauer he was diagnosed four years ago, right around the time of his very public meltdown in 2011! In an 8-minute interview, Sheen said he shelled out more than 10 million dollars to keep his secret. 

We all know how active Sheen is, posting pictures of various sexual liaisons, but the former Two and a Half Men star claims he didn't "knowingly" transmit the disease to anyone. He did fess up to having unprotected sex with two people but Sheen says his doctors completely warned the women ahead of time.

But wait there's more... Sheen claims he's been blackmailed on numerous occasions by people threatening to expose his secret. He didn't say if that included a prostitute who took a picture of his HIV meds in Sheen's bathroom after they had sex. 

Sheen's reasoning for coming clean is to encourage others to do the same. 

So far, none of his ex wives have been infected. 

-Jirah Cosey
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