Sheen's Prognosis

Charlie Sheen is confident that he will live a long healthy life with HIV. The medication has mutated the disease from death into a chronic disease. Sheen announced on Tuesday that the levels in his blood are undetectable. Doctors describe Sheen’s situation as being “virally suppressed”. Since the levels of HIV in his blood are undetectable there is a chance he will reduce the risk of having AIDS.

Carlos del Rio, professor of global health and medicine at Emory University and co-director of the Emory Center for AIDS Research in Atlanta says, “ He’s an example of how HIV can be suppressed so that you can have a normal life”. Sheen’s HIV levels are too low to spread the infection through sex or shared needles. Partners of HIV patients can stay healthy by taking anti-aids medications. Also known as a regimen called pre-exposure prophylaxis to reduce the risk of HIV. Taking the medication daily is vital to prevent the virus from staging into AIDS.

Sheen has admitted his obstacle with depression and substance abuse. These two factors can make it difficult to follow through with the treatment plan. Sheen is luckier than most people infected with the HIV virus. He is one of the first celebrities to admit of having HIV since 1991. Health officials hope Sheen will continue to advocate the importance of being tested and making life saving treatments available for everybody.
-Shanell Schipani
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