Aunt Viv is brewing up a Fresh cup of Shade!

Former Fresh Prince of Belair Aunt Viv, is going off the radar again! Janet Hubert is making new waves with her latest clap back video to Jada Pinkett Smith after her boycott of the 2016 Oscars. Longtime actress and wife of Will Smith turned heads this weekend when she released a video stating that begging for acknowledgment from The Academy or even asking diminishes dignity for the black community. Hubert responded in a rage saying that karma must be a b*tch referring to her very old rivalry with actor Will Smith.
This Will Smith drama has got to be let go. In 2011 Hubert went off on a tangent about why she would never partake in a Fresh Prince Reunion with an a**hole like Will Smith. And in 2013 in an interview with Ok! Magazine, she demanded an apology from everyone in the cast. Sheesh Aunt Viv needs to stop making trouble in the neighborhood.
-Dominique Burns

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