Blac Don't Crack, She Dishes Out Disappointment

Ohhh snap! The Blac Chyna vs. Jenner/Kardashian beef just got SO much worse. Chyna, Tyga’s ex fiancĂ©e, started off the week by posting a picture on Instagram of a tattooed arm wrapped around her that just so happens to be Rob Kardashian. She brought even more speculation to the photo as she captioned it “New Beginnings.” Sheesh… Can you say random much? Rob has been in hiding for a while now so this is news for EVERYONE. The announcement of their new relationship stirred up a whole lot of tension between Rob and his family. Sources say that Kylie Jenner is “livid’” over her brother’s new romance with Chyna and that they are not on good terms at the moment. ""She feels super betrayed and can't understand why someone in her own family would stab her in the back like that," a source tells People. YIKES!

There’s a long history between Kylie and Chyna since Tyga left her for Kylie when she was only 17 years old. So it seems like Chyna is aiming for Kylie’s head on this one!

But wait… It gets BETTER! Rob reposted a meme of Chyna carrying a car seat that says, “Blac Chyna probably out shopping rite now as she plans to give birth to the only next generation of the Kardashian name! #BabyKardashian.” Oh my, where is the popcorn and soda when you need it?!
-Aminah M.
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