Phil Who Are Ya? Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?

America’s favorite psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw is being sued by an ex-employee for alleged wrongful termination and false imprisonment. Word on the street is, Dr. McGraw allegedly held a meeting with 300 of his employees surrounded by staff security guards. Before he began to speak, McGraw locked the door and orders all of the employees to turn off their cell phones. He claimed that one of his employees leaked information to the press, and that he notified the authorities. The former employee Leah Rothman claimed that Dr. McGraw spoke to the staff in such a disrespectful manner that he caused Rothman to have emotional distress. This is quite the scandal for someone who has made a living off of emotional management and effective communication. This could be proof that everyone has their limits and he simply made a mistake.  Or who knows, maybe the great Dr. Phil McGraw may need some anger management assistance as well.

-Jacqueline Hill
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