Shots fired! Guess who?

We may remember Machine Gun Kelly from his 2012 one hit wonder, Wild Boy and wondered where has he been?  Well, he’s making news now,  and this boy is going wild in his clap back to Macklemore’s controversial new track, White Privilege II, telling the world that he is NOT with the blame game!  The rapper fired off a few rounds, saying race is not an issue and he can’t help that other people aren’t comfortable in their own skin. Maybe living under a rock hitless for 4-years has left his machine gun shooting blanks. If Kelly listened to the song, and recognize these issues  of black lives matter, police brutality and white privilege do indeed exist and are in the headlines everyday. Macklemore is thrifty trying to educate the public about something bigger than just popping tags. Get your head out of the clouds MGK, get back in the studio, turn on the news once in awhile and remember playing the part is only half your job in this rap game.

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-Dominique Burns
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