You better work B--


“Work B***h” is what everyone is screaming to Ms. Spears. In cased you missed it Britney Spears shared three sexy video clips on Instagram earlier today. The black and white clips show Ms. “Oops! I Did It Again” flaunting everything from her toned body to her sexy chair moves.
In a small lacey black bikini Ms. Spears is seen arching her back and whipping her hair, as if it’s her “Prerogative”, to Nathaniel & The Night Sweats’ song “S.O.B”.
Now that Britney has us all “Mesmerized”, we must now wait to see what these video are really about. Some say new music, some say just cause she’s hot. But I guess we will all have to wait for Britney to “Break The Ice” But until then Britney “Gimmie More, Gimmie More!” 
-Amira Forde

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