Is Louis Farrakhan Beyonces New Hero?

Ever since BeyoncĂ© performed at the 50th Super Bowl, fans have been chatting non-stop about her latest single, "Formation" and being unapologetically black. Although she has had countless support from the African American community,  many fans have had a different reaction to her newest stance on Black Lives Matter issues. So much, in fact the Police Union is calling for law enforcement labor to boycott BeyoncĂ©'s world tour. Some feel that she no longer has respect for police officers, then should not have the privilege of getting protection from police. However, Louis Farrakhan the head of the Nation of Islam,  has extended a helping hand in the Queen Beys hour of need. Farrakhan said during his sermon on Sunday, that "She started talking that black stuff ... and white folks (said), 'We don't know how to deal with that.’  You not going to offer her police protection? But the Fruit of Islam (the security branch of his organization,) will." Farrakhan is known throughout the community as  a radical civil rights activist. Although the minister’s offer was extremely generous, it may not be a smart move to accept it. Queen Bey has made it clear that she wants to be active in the Black Lives Matter movement, but she has a diverse fan base and more than likely does not want to rock the boat unnecessarily. Well Bey, looks like you've got a lot of thinking to do!

-Jacqueline Hill

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