Kimye & Muva Show Mercy!

Tea anyone? It looks like Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian are closer than ever on Instagram following Kanye’s Twitter rant last week and Muva Rosebud clapping back by telling the world more about where her fingers were during sex than why Kanye should watch his mouth when tweeting without filters about her son. The picture must be trying to keep Amber from telling the world more secrets than she already has by linking the two up and getting them to reconcile their differences someway somehow.  Or maybe it’s from Kanye’s weird attempt at an apology on Twitter after deleting his tweets and sort of realizing he was wrong. This selfie tells it all.

Seeing as though Kanye was tweeting Amber’s ex-husband Wiz Khalifa saying things like, “I own your child” and “you let a stripper trap you,” it’s very strange that she would drop their beef this easily and be able to be in the same room with this women, let alone be taking a selife with her. But, oddly enough, the same stripper who Wiz fell in love with, is the same sexy prerogative feminist whose career Kanye basically started after she trapped him too. She’s also the same person who blames Kim for her breakup with Kanye so this proves this beef goes way back. I guess we’ll never really know what is going on with this Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy but nothing’s kept secret in the land of celebrities, so we’ll see how long this friendship lasts sooner than later.


-- Aliya Drake
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