Manning's Mishap

A month after winning his second Super Bowl in his 18 year career you would expect the Peyton Manning storylines to be about his glorious journey and whether that was the last time we were ever going to see number 18 under center.  But the storyline is much different.  Everyone has a past and the past almost always comes back to get you at some point.  In 1996 while Manning was attending the University of Tennessee, a female trainer filed a sexual assault complaint against Manning.  This topic has been a popular conversation in the past few days.  Peyton Manning has been the NFL’s golden boy.  He has commercials with many partners.  What could this do to Manning’s overall image?  Probably not much, Peyton is more than likely done playing football.  His spot in the Hall of Fame is guaranteed.  The real issue is for Tennessee as they’re facing a Title IX suit.

-Cameron Houchen
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